Norton.com/setup: Insert the Norton activation key. Sign-in to the Norton account to download, install and activate the Norton product at www.norton.com/setup.

Norton.com/setup – Login to Download, Install and Activate with Key

To protect your digital presence by installing an antivirus that is secure from several viruses. Norton gives you advanced security with amazing features such as real-time protection, firewall, and much more. After installing the Norton product on the device, the device becomes secure. The detailed process to download, install and activate the Norton is appeared below. Here is the complete process accurately, and go to the official site of Norton: norton.com/setup.

Where to Look for Norton Product Key?

The Norton activation code can be mentioned over the retail card of Norton product whether you have purchased the Norton item via a retail store. In case you have bought the Norton item through an online website, you are required to check the mail inbox as an online customer gets the Norton activation code over the linked email ID.

Directions to Setup the User Account of Norton

Make sure that installing the Norton item is not feasible unless you have an account of Norton. To install the Norton item, you require making the Norton account. Pursue the instructions given below:

1.      First of all, link the device to a strong and stable internet connection.

2.      After that, launch any updated web browser over the device.

3.      Go to the address bar and input ‘norton.com/setup’ in the address bar.

4.      Then hit the Enter button.

5.      You should select the ‘sign in’ option and then type the needed details accurately.

6.      Proceed through the license agreement that shows over the screen.

7.      You should choose the ‘Agree’ button.

8.      Now, input the password and username in the needed columns and select the ‘Sign in’ button to access the Norton account.

Directions to log in to the User Account of Norton

Once you set up the Norton account, you are required to determine how to log in to the Norton account. Pursue the steps in the exact way as explained below:

1.      Go to your favorite web browser and launch it on your device.

2.      Thereafter, go to the homepage of Norton by entering this link in the address bar and press the Enter button: ‘norton.com/setup.’

3.      You will get a Login page and then hit the Sign-in button.

4.      You should insert the password and username for the Norton account.

5.      Navigate to the "Sign in now" button and click on it.

6.      Finally, you have entered the Norton account effectively.

Directions to Download and Install the User Account of Norton

To download and install the Norton setup, pursue these on-screen instructions provided below:

1.      Go to the Norton setup screen by accessing the web browser.

2.      You should input the activation code accurately.

3.      Then log in by inputting the details in the given section.

4.      An existing user of Norton may select the auto-renewal service of Norton whether they wish.

5.      After that, select the ‘Get Started’ option over the homepage.

6.      You should proceed via the user license agreement and hit the Accept button.

7.      Now, pursue the steps that appear over the screen.

8.      Later, select the "Agree & Download" option.

9.      You can add extra items to the installation as per the choice.

10.  Then select the ‘Next button.

11.  To install your Norton item on another device, click on the "Send a download link" option.

12.  To complete the procedure, pursue the on-screen pop-up.

Directions to Activate the Subscription of Norton

To activate the Norton subscription, pursue these on-screen instructions provided below:

1.      First of all, you require clicking on the Norton software to launch it twice.

2.      Afterward, select the ‘My Norton’ option.

3.      To activate the product of Norton, select the "Activate Now” option.

4.      To renew the Norton subscription, select the Help button and pick Account Information.

5.      Go to the ‘Product Key’ option and click on it.

6.      You should input the activation code in the given section.

7.      Navigate to the Next button and click on it.

8.      To finish the activation process, pursue the on-screen directions.


Q. Does Norton slow down Windows 10?

Norton programs may slow the system’s performance whether any antivirus is installed on it. Uninstall or turn off the different antivirus software so that Norton may perform well.

Q. How long does it take for Norton to install?

The time consumed during the installation may depend on your device. The normal time it consumes is about 5 to 10 minutes.

Q. How many devices can I protect with Norton?

It depends on the plan you pick. Norton 360 Deluxe can be used on five devices. In a few countries, the service is limited to up to three devices. In case you would like to protect several devices, you should continue with the package that suits the requirements.